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Auguries of Innocence


Декабрь, 12, 2012



To see a world in a grain of sand,
And a heaven in a wild flower,
Hold infinity in the palm of your hand,
And eternity in an hour.
William Blake

Август, 21, 2007

Interesting movie. Can't say that it's good, but interesting.
In true, I didn't understand if Ridley Scott had any idea... I had thought for a second that the idea was about the church. That it's just walls and fanatic people, but not those spiritual world which the majority think it to be.
Not so wide as it wanted the director showed the idea of the opposition between Christianity and Islam.
But it was interesting to watch through the every-day life of the crusaders.
It's pity that I have no this movie in the original, only in Russian. Because it was unpleasant to hear the word from our modern life there.
And one more. I really dislike actors playing. Terrible. "I don't believe!"© Stanislavsky
So another try to show how it was.
P.S. Is it really Orlando Bloom at the main role???!!!
P.P.S There is a big difference between the word "church" in Russian and English languages. So in Russian this word has the meaning of a building where church service take place in. But in English the "church" means a group of people who get together and making religious services and meetings.

Август, 20, 2007

Did it!

Hurray, hurray, hurray! A have learned how to write the key "corpse" beautiful at last)

Август, 19, 2007

About myself...

I just don't like silence.

The Old Friend

Today I was visited by unexpected guest. Usually in such cases I just say "Goodbye!", because all meetings and especially visits are planned. In five minutes may be, but they are planned.
But after sleeping when opened the door and had seen there long time ago forgotten face, I opened the door straight away and invited to the kitchen.

Devil. Some time ago we were the best friends. Real friends. But in a little time our interests became different from each other, we met many new people, the university, studies, The House of Friendship, all this speeding around and... cleared the thoughts.
This fifteen minutes with a cup of coffee return so many memories...
Now we don't meet so often, we have completely different interests, thoughts, even the spheres of working!
But we still are friends. And we shall help each other.
Here it is, the friendship which went through the time.

P.S. Take care of your friends. Get new but never forget your old ones.
Because, in true, this blog and this entry are not the first ones...
Comparing our life with a book now in my "volume" there is a new page which hide the previous one. But it's impossible to throw out the past. I had it, I have it now and I will have it. It name is Experience.
However I am glad to see all of my friends here, old and new ones.
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